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Because we are under siege by the evil Lard, err Lord, Bacon, we decided it was time to get a mascot. So, if  Bacon attacks, Tofu the Vegan Zombie is standing guard and will protect us from harm. Should you wish to protect your home or business, or if you would like to learn more […]

Join us at Chukchansi Park tomorrow night for the Bacon VS Tofu showdown. The Bacon is made by anonymous. The tofu is made by tofuji: A proud, local Fresno company with nothing to hide. To learn more about the coming battle, please visit Bacon VS Tofu at The Fresno Bee. Also, if you are interested, […]

We’re Back!


This site has been ignored for a while. Comments haven’t been answered and we haven’t been doing our job. For this we apologize. I promise to update the site more often than once every 2 years. You can now buy our Tofu at Central Fish in Chinatown, R-N Market at Cedar & Herndon, and The […]

A Short History


Tofuji is a locally owned and operated manufacturer and distributor of Tofu and Soy milk. We are located in the old Sunrise Laundry building on the Northeast Corner of “F” and “Mono” streets in the historic Chinatown section of Fresno California. Our business adventure began in mid 1994 when we discovered that fresh Tofu (Tofu […]