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We, err they did it! More tofu for you! By the way, the tofu “chicken” is the best!

Because we are under siege by the evil Lard, err Lord, Bacon, we decided it was time to get a mascot. So, if  Bacon attacks, Tofu the Vegan Zombie is standing guard and will protect us from harm.

Should you wish to protect your home or business, or if you would like to learn more about Tofu The Vegan Zombie, click here to visit his home.

Join us at Chukchansi Park tomorrow night for the Bacon VS Tofu showdown.

The Bacon is made by anonymous.

The tofu is made by tofuji: A proud, local Fresno company with nothing to hide.

To learn more about the coming battle, please visit Bacon VS Tofu at The Fresno Bee.

Also, if you are interested, click here to read an article about tofuji.

We’re Back!


This site has been ignored for a while. Comments haven’t been answered and we haven’t been doing our job.

For this we apologize. I promise to update the site more often than once every 2 years.

You can now buy our Tofu at Central Fish in Chinatown, R-N Market at Cedar & Herndon, and The Market at West & Herndon.

We deliver weekly on Friday. Get it now while it’s still fresh.

A Short History


Tofuji is a locally owned and operated manufacturer and distributor of Tofu and Soy milk. We are located in the old Sunrise Laundry building on the Northeast Corner of “F” and “Mono” streets in the historic Chinatown section of Fresno California.

Our business adventure began in mid 1994 when we discovered that fresh Tofu (Tofu in a bucket — behind the counter — at Central Fish market was no longer available because the manfacturer, Fresno Tofu, has closed. Checking around we found that the Tofu making equipment was still stored in its original location and was for sale. We bought the equipment and, the building being unsuitable for various reasons, went looking for a place in which to manufacture Tofu.

After about 3 months, we finally found the perfect building. Following some minor (like in, why did we ever start this and will it ever end?) cleaning and painting, and a new, thoroughly unnecessary but city required, overly priced, gas line, we moved all the equipment into the Sunrise where it (the equipment) was totally disassembled, cleaned, repaired, recoated, rebuild, and resassembled. Amazingly, very few parts were left over.

We read book and articles, actually, Fujie read books and articles.

We studied a bunch of stuff that sometimes made no sense and had to be translated from metric to whatever our system of weight and measurements is called; viewed a video tape from the “Tofu of the Month Club” (well, not really); subjected our friends to Tofu tastings with cheap, no vintage, corkless soy wine; and started making fresh Tofu in 1995.

Our first orders were delivered to Central Fish in August 1995.

So, here we are, using ancient technology (except for the electricity, the gas, the plastic) in the 90’s and the 00’s. Sort of a 60’s trip, without the drugs and no bus.

In the 15, now 17, years since I wrote this article, not too much has changed except we no longer deliver tofu in buckets (all things must pass), and we know a lot more about what we are doing.

Our tofu is better and more consistent, and still fresh!*

It may cost a bit more but it’s not that bad tasting crap that’s pasteurized to prolong its miserable shelf life.

Oh, yeah, and it’s the 10’s now. The 00’s are gone.
* Fresh means our tofu is NOT pasteurized and does NOT contain any phony ingredients.